PRAT International LLC

Protecting Resources Awareness Training

PRAT International LLC Protecting Resources Awareness Training (PRAT LLC) is a service consulting company established in 2000. PRAT LLC is centered around empowering people by enhancing their communication skills to adequately handle a vast array of situations. Learning how to effectively communicate and respond in critical incidents are key to ensuring a positive outcome.

PRAT International LLC was founded by Darnell Blackburn, a highly sought after motivational speaker who has found a way to facilitate training through the marriage of teaching and inspirational speaking.

Training & Consulting Services​

PRAT International LLC offers interactive trainings filled with anecdotal stories and the psychology as to why those stories are applicable to everyone. Using creative, interactive workshops, PRAT International LLC creates an open environment bound to cultivate growth.

​PRAT International LLC also engages in public and motivational speaking on a variety of topics.

Check Out PRAT CEO's 2021 TedXDetroit Talk

“Screw the Golden Rule, A Life Lesson on Empathy”

PRAT CEO, Darnell Blackburn, delivers such an inspiring message on his life lesson on empathy during the recent 2021 TEDxDetroit event.